Creating a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom is easy if you choose the right bathroom accessories. Any bathroom can become an oasis with the following tips and tricks to take the bathroom from functional to serene. Even unsightly bathroom staples such as water heaters and urinal bowls can be camouflaged with the right additions. The first things that you would want to include for your spa bathroom are some fluffy spa quality towels. For more luxurious towels, department stores are the place to go.
Bamboo floor mats are both eco-friendly and will help to keep your bathroom free from bacteria. Bamboo floor mats allow water to evaporate easier than cotton bath mats. A bath accessory set that includes matching cup, soap dispenser, soap holder, and trash can made of either natural bamboo or bronze will pull the look together nicely. A tall shelf system in the corner that is made out of steel or bronze can help to shield and hide any unsightly objects that may be permanently found in your bathroom.
Another great accessory to consider is expandable tub shelves. These can also make taking a warm bath a relaxing experience. A shelf that can be attached to the side of the bath tub can be used to hold a good book, some lightly scented candles, and even a glass of wine. Consider replacing your standard towel rack with a free standing towel bar in either bronze or stainless steel. This will make your new lush bath towels even more accessible when stepping out of your bath. Finally, to make your bathroom into a warm and inviting oasis of tranquility, a framed wall mirror in either gold or wood framed can replace your standard bathroom mirror. For a more inviting touch, add a wall sconce on either side of the mirror.

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