They say the best cosmetic is a smile on your face, but makeup helps your beauty to further shine as it diverts attention away from the flaws on your face. Have you mastered the art of applying lipstick, but want to learn more about makeup to help you through your makeup regime in the morning? Below we pen down some amazing makeup tips and tricks.
After applying foundation all over your face, use a tissue to wipe some off your cheeks before using a blush for a more natural look, instead of having a cakey-looking foundation on your face.
Pick eye shadow colours that contrast your eyes the best, in a good way. If you have brown eyes, they go well with blues, greens and jewel tones. Blue eyed beauties should consider golds and browns, while green eyes go hand in hand with pink and brown eye shadows. For a neutral look, you can use taupe tone eye shadow. It brings out every eye colour gorgeously.
You can also use eye shadow to replace as eyeliner. Apply dark tones with a small rounded brush or an angled brush just under your lashes. To create liquid eyeliner look, dip the brush tip in water before using.
Your face makeup needs a foundation to hold. The same goes to your eyes and lips. Use a primer before applying any makeup to your eyes and lips. Primers help your makeup to set for hours, without a smudge if your makeup is of good quality.

For your lashes, always use mascara that is not flaky. If your mascara has been sitting on your table for months, ditch it and get a new one. Apply mascara to your lashes by wiggling it at the base of your eyelash, before sweeping it out toward the end. You want a thick base with thin ends to make sure your eyelash stays high.

Never skip the cleaning routine for your brushes that should occur at least once a month. Unclean brushes trap dirt and oils, ruining your makeup, and in time bristles will break down. Remove excess colours by wiping brushes on a paper towel. Prepare a bowl of warm water, dip just the bristles into the water. Pump a few drops of mild shampoo into your palm, and then gently swirl the bristles into the shampoo. Clean bristles under running water. Squeeze out excess water and dry brush by hanging it. Cleaning your brushes will significantly lengthen their shelf life.
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Compared to other facial areas, the skin surrounding our eyes is especially fragile and susceptible to more aging signs. They start to develop lines, bags and dark circles as we grow. When we are weary, our eyes show the first sign. If your eyes aren’t as energetic as they need to be, perhaps you have some serious eye care regime to patch up.
Get enough sleep. It is recommended to have at least 6 hours sleep a day to rest your body. Our eyes especially worked a lot throughout the day and there is no other to rest them except to have a nice shut-eye. So, instead of relieving yourself with endless comedy series that will only burden your eyes, manage your time well to get the rest your eyes deserved.
Use skin care products. We often neglect proper eye skin care when we can spend hundreds on facial skin care. Since our eye skin is thinner, these skin care products are designed especially for the eyes to give our eyes the necessary nourishment. Keep your eye skin moisturized and nourish them with vitamins. Some products are sensitive to light so they have to be applied and left on while you sleep.

Sun protection for your eyes is equally important as it is for your face. Prevent your eyes from aging due to the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Some of the aging effects caused by UV rays are lines, wrinkles, freckles and even skin cancers. Put on eye sunscreen to keep yourself prepared for all occasions at any location.

Don’t squint your eyes. We squint because as we move from a lighter to a darker place and vice versa, our eyes need time to adjust to the lighting. Wear sunglasses to prevent squinting under strong sunlight. Move toward or away from the object you are focusing on to avoid from squinting when there’s a problem focusing. If your vision has gotten blurry, do a thorough check up with an ophthalmologist or optician.
Camouflage your dark circles with a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Different shades of concealers also provide varying masking effects.
To fight puffy eyes, use your eye gel that has been stored in the fridge. Or, use anything cold to reduce the swollenness. Try cold cucumbers, spoon, ice cubes. These methods will also wake you up on drowsy mornings.
Take care of your brows. Trim your eyebrows regularly, following the outline already provided by your beautician. Use eyebrow pencils that are a shade lighter than your hair colour. For a fuller brow, fill your brows with a pencil, then brush with powder.

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