Protein is vital for body growth and maintenance. Athletes and body builders need protein for muscle growth and tissue restoration. Protein can come from plants or animals. Eating protein in excess may bring negative effects to your body, quite unlike how we normally perceive. More of us have a diet made up of more meat than greens. Look at how a typical steak is served – potatoes, grilled vegetables and fries as side dishes.
Although eating meat does provide us animal based protein we need, eating too much meat may leach calcium from our bones. Meat is highly acidic. Besides, most animal meat we consumed now comes from animals fed with antibiotics and artificial hormones. Can you imagine swallowing these toxics? This does not mean you have to eliminate meat from your diet. Eat meat in moderation.
Another source of protein comes from plants. Nuts are a rich source of protein. Apart from protein, nuts are packed with vitamins, fibre and essential fats that are good for your heart. Due to their abundant nutrient, most nuts are considered as super foods.
Does your diet contain very few to no nuts? Incorporating nuts into your diet can seem effortless. Roasted nuts are easily available in packages at grocery shops, supermarkets and bakery goods supply. Roasted nuts are a healthier snack compared to chips. If you can, go for unsalted nuts. You can also buy raw nuts in bulk and roast them whenever you need to eat them. Light flavour a handful of nuts with some salt and pack them as your to-go snack.

Other than eating pure nuts, you can enjoy nuts in the following ways. Use peanut butter in your morning meals. Instead of simply buying one off the shelves, go for low sugar – better yet, sugar and sweeteners free – peanut butter. Your best bet is to use organic peanut butter which is made of real nuts, contains fewer preservatives and is not sweetened at all. Add some sliced bananas to top the peanut butter. You can also eat them with oats in milk and honey as breakfast.
If you are a fond baker, replace flour with almond meal. Almond meal is ground whole almonds that is essential for making almond macarons, frangipane and Sachertorte. Ground walnut or hazelnut can also be added into cakes for extra tang. Of course, you can coarsely chop up roasted or stir-fried nuts and mix them into cookie or cake batter prior to baking. Nuts also provide a fragrant topping. Sprinkle them over your cake.
Now that you know the benefits of nuts as a plant based protein source, recommend them to your friends. People are now more health-conscious and taking preventive measures from getting chronic diseases, nuts have become widely popular among chefs, bakers and other businesses.

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