Many people of today’s generation opt to go to a non-traditional online education while advancing their formal education. This is because a lot of people are still willing to advance learning and are still eager to take classes but not in the scheduled class hours.
In online children education, it is important that you will get good instructor, curriculum and technology. There are some downsides of online education because the learning environment isn’t that appropriate. You have to be self-disciplined, well organized and time conscious to be able to keep pace with the entire course. Therefore, it is not suitable for young students especially those who are having difficulty in adopting responsibilities necessary in online education.
However, while there are some drawbacks there are also some benefits. Study shows that the retention level of students with online learning is 250% better than those in classroom courses. Further studies reveal that around 33% of students believe that online education is as good as and sometimes even better than the conventional face to face education because it is flexible, convenient and cheaper. It is important for early education for children brain development.
See news UNICEF‘s plan for education program:

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