Apple iPhone 3G is no doubt a revolutionary and remarkable phone that has many uses, tricks and gimmicks. However, like any other computer operated devices, iPhone 3G also has its own share of flaws no matter how advanced and prestigious it has become.

And because iPhone stands mighty over other mobile phones, users all over the world are looking at it and panic at once in disappointment when flaws come visible to them. Some of the most notable complaints about iPhone 3G that does not necessarily need iPhone repair singapore are the following:
It doesn’t sync notes except when web-based application is used which slows down the iPhone. Additionally, notes are sometimes deleted completely once you hit backspace.
Difficult to select text even with an installed application that enables cut, copy and paste.
It doesn’t ring while in sleep mode.
No changeable battery.
Yanking contacts to call can extremely slow down the iPhone.
However, surprisingly despite the above mentioned flaws, a lot of people still go for iPhone 3G because of its games, cool applications, secure internet surfing and of course prestige.

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