TM recently came up with an advert that caught my eye. It featured a man in a shirt and tie, juggling a host of business solutions, entertainment packs and Internet connections in his hands. It appears that TM is reinforcing its position in business fibre by offering not just Internet for businesses but a series of solutions as well. They even seem to have a new slogan: Business Made Easier.
Let’s take a look at its Internet plans first. Whether you are a start-up or a more established SME, TM has a fixed Internet plan that would suit your business needs:
Unifi Biz Advance Plan 30Mbps and 50Mbps or
Priced at RM279 per month and RM329 per month for the 30Mbps and 50Mbps respectively, Unifi Biz Advance Plan is what you need to ensure that the connection at your office or shop is consistent, fast and always connected. You are already frustrated when the Internet at home is slow or disconnects, so imagine how difficult, and not to mention costly to your business, it would be if your Internet were to go down at your office.
Unifi Biz Pro Plan
For a company that needs super fast Internet, Unifi Biz Pro Plan is the solution. The plan offers speeds of 100Mbps for RM379 a month. The speed isn’t symmetrical; download speed is 100Mbps while upload speed is 50Mbps but those are really good enough.
With all 3 plans, you’ll get 500MB a day of TM Wifi, cordless phone and wireless modem. You also have the option to add on:
Voice IDD – RM30/month
Security & Surveillance – RM99/month
SurePay – RM18/month
SurePay POS – RM18/month
HyppTV for Business – RM90/month
Simple Voice Plus – RM30/month
You may be wondering by this point, why do I need business Internet plans for my company? Why don’t I just sign up for a home fibre plan? First and foremost, TM (or any other service provider) will not allow you to register for a home Internet plan for a business address. Set that aside, TM’s Unifi Biz plans come with a promise of a restoration time not exceeding 12 hours. This is something that home fibre plans do not offer. This assures you that there will be lesser interruptions to your business should the Internet go down. Downtimes are really a no-no for any business.
It is advisable to select a service provider that offers beyond just Internet, which is TM in this case. Why? So that you don’t have to go searching for providers should you need to subscribe to business solutions in the future. Going to a one-stop provider like TM is recommended as they can provide you with business Internet and voice solutions, even security, entertainment and payment solutions, all at one place.

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